About Picsels Digital

Picsels Digital traces its roots back to the 2003 AIPAD Photography Show where Founder & President David Spivak attended his first fine art photography art fair. Filled with fine art photography, vintage, modern and contemporary, Spivak saw the need for a magazine to cover the market of fine art photography. So, in 2005, Focus Magazine launched. After several successful issues, Focus became the number one photography magazine on newsstands. Branching out, Spivak began working with photographers to publish their own photobooks. One of the best examples of photobooks that Focus published is Seasons of the Moon by Yaakov Asher Sinclair. With the fall of Borders Bookstore, Focus Magazine's main distribution outlet, Focus Magazine went completely digital in 2011.
In 2012, Spivak began working with photographers on creating new, digital magazines as a marketing tool for their work. Relying on third-party digital newsstands for distribution, within two years, Spivak's new company, Niched, was publishing over 50 digital magazines. In 2017, Spivak launched Photopreneur Magazine, a new print magazine to help photographers start, run and grow their own photography business. While talking about their businesses, photographers have expressed an overwhelming need to grow their digital presence. Whether it's their website, social media or marketing, photographers want their work to be discovered. Seeing this need, in 2018 Spivak launched Picsels Digital. Whether it's online storage, website design, social media marketing or any other kind of digital marketing, Picsels Digital is the one-stop-solution for photographers' digital presence. For more information, contact David at or at 646.847.6300.

About Our Team

Michael Triunfo traces his publishing roots back to Mc-Graw Hill Companies when he was the Director of Sales on Aviation Week. In 2012, Triunfo began working for digital newsstand startup and in 2014, joined Readly, another digital newsstand that offers access to its content through subscription-only. Triunfo joined Picsels Digital in 2018 as our head of New Content Acquisition.